Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who we are ?

DoubleKlick is the leading provider of quality traffic. We specialize in solo ads, with our proprietary software systems built out for the sole purpose of delivering high quality, targeted leads.

Q: After purchasing traffic, what else do I need to do?

A: IF you’ve submitted the correct link when checking out, simply sit tight and wait for the traffic to start. If you have any complications with your hosting company or the page itself before traffic begins, simply email support and they will update the non-working link with an alternate working link you provide. Updates of your link may take up to 12 hours to implement. Because of this, we strongly suggest making sure your page is tested and ready for traffic BEFORE you make your purchase, as we are not liable for any traffic lost due to your page malfunctioning or breaking.

Q:How long will it take for my traffic to start?

A: Any/Every order takes 3-4 days to process and start. Once traffic begins, it can take anywhere from 4-10 days for your order to be fully delivered.

Q: Do you provide tracking?

A: We do provide a back office for you to login to and track your orders’ click count. It is important to note that we are NOT able to track or keep record the leads we generate for your order, so on top of tracking clicks, it is critical that you have an auto responder linked to your optin page to take in the emails populated from the leads we drive to your page.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: DoubleKlick operates from 9AM to 5PM AEST every weekday.

Q: From what source(s) are click generated from?

A: DoubleKlick generates it’s traffic from a combination of high quality solo ads and private email traffic, providing consistent, targeted leads.

Q: What networks do you provide traffic for?

A: We provide traffic for all opportunities related to online marketing, biz opp, or online investing. If you’re unsure about your offer fitting into these types of niches, don’t hesitate to email one of our support reps. These reps have trained experience in page analysis and can qualify whether or not your offer will fit well with our traffic.

Q: What niche does your traffic fit?

A: We typically work in the online business, MLM, online success programs, and any other networks/products dealing with online opportunities. However, if your product does not fit into one of these categories, do not lose hope. We’ve found many times people promote a completely different type of product/offer still will convert well IF the optin page/sales funnel has been tested and proven to convert. Unsure if that’s you? Feel free to email our support team, and they will let you know!

Q: Do you provide sample/test discounts for first-time buyers?

A: While we do not provide discounts for first-time buyers, if you have success with our traffic, we are more than happy to extend a 10% discount on second purchases of the same size or of lesser click quantity. Simply send our support team the receipt of purchase from your initial order, and we will gladly offer you a private 10% discount link to purchase from.

Q: What are the “on average” optin rates?

A: DoubleKlick is a service, and does NOT offer any type of guarantees for optin rates or conversion rates. Our #1 priority is to drive traffic targeted that converts to leads (an optin). If your not seeing at least 15-20% optin rate, we would recommend emailing us a different, tested, optin page.

Q: My Order started, but it hasn’t moved at all today, is there something wrong with my order?

A: If your order has already started and you don’t see much volume coming to your order, it most likely will pick up within 24 hours. IF your order has already been started and you notice that it’s been over a day’s time since you last saw movement, please email our support and we will look into the matter for you.